Charles 3.6.4

Charles 3.6.4 was released this week. It includes a number of bug fixes which are outlined in the version history. If you had trouble with Charles sometimes starting with a blank window, or freezing while using breakpoints, this might be the bug fix release for you. If you are interested in the HAR import/export capabilities, this is definitely the release for you.

I also want to draw attention to the PCAP import. You can capture traffic in a tool, such as Wireshark, and then save that traffic in a .pcap file and then import it into Charles. Charles analyses the HTTP traffic and pieces it back together as if Charles had been there to intercept it. This can be an option for capturing and analysing traffic in Charles when you can’t get an application to directly use Charles. Aside from bug fixes, Charles 3.6.4 also improves the PCAP import - ensuring that keep-alive requests and imported and putting things in the right order.

The other thing I want to highlight is Linux support. Charles has supported Linux since very early on in its life, but it’s never done a particularly good job at installing and running nicely as part of a Linux desktop. This is no doubt my fault as the vast majority of my Linux boxes are command-line only. Charles 3.6.4 features an improved start script for Linux, bigger icons, and most excitingly an APT package for Debian-based Linux distributions. I’ve particularly tested it on Ubuntu: the package installs Charles into your applications menus, and the package makes the process of getting new versions of Charles much easier. If you’re a Linux user who can’t use APT packages, get in touch and we’ll see if we can make other package types!

The next release of Charles is going to include more bug fixes and minor enhancements; I’m particularly focussing on fixing a few issues around Java 1.7 so if you’re having trouble with 1.7 please get in touch and try the latest beta.

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